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TOP TIPS - November 2005

How to add an image to pdf files before printing, in real-time.
Products required are: Batch & Print Pro 2 and PDF Image Stamp

1. Extract to c:\ folder for demo purposes.
Start Batch & Print Pro 2
Add a .pdf to the main file list, right mouse on it and select Processing Setup...
4. Enab
le command line scripting and in the script edit box enter for filename text:
"C:\winpdfimagestamp\pdfimagestamp.exe" -i"[IN]" -o"[OUT]" -jc:\image.jpg

The [OUT] is substituted by Batch & Print Pro temporary file in the Temp folder, the [IN] is substituted with the Batch & Print Pro input file in the file list. (dummy pdf file), the c:\image.jpg is your jpeg image file. to position the image use the -pos parameter & -fliph, -flipv, e.g. for top left:
"C:\winpdfimagestamp\pdfimagestamp.exe" -i"[IN]" -o"[OUT]" -jc:\image.jpg -pos50,50 -flipv

5. to make it use those settings as default for every pdf go into options menu-->Default Processing Addon Options and in the PDF Processing add: -c0|-l2|-C1|-s"C:\winpdfimagestamp\pdfimagestamp.exe" -i"[IN]" -o"[OUT]" -jc:\image.jpg





November 2005

How to add an image to pdf files before printing, in real-time.

October 2005
How to print PDF's without Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
How to add page numbers or other information like filenames to pdf files before printing, in real-time.
How to print a pdf file in groups of n pages for finishing e.g. 5 pages at a time.
How to add blank pages onto odd number pdf's.
How to round up total pages on pdf's to a divisible amount e.g. divisible by 4.
How to batch rename pdf documents using document properties.

September 2005
How to merge files of the same name from different folders.
How to add your PDF files document summary information in to a Database in less than 10 minutes.

June 2005
How to insert files into another file page by page.

May 2005

How to print the last page of every PDF file.

How to append 1 blank page to every odd page PDF file.

How to run Batch & Print Pro in the background like a service.